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Lions Club of Brisbane MacGregor

District 201Q1, Queensland, Australia


Attention Sponsors and others who wish to assist:

Club sponsors

  • How you can make a donation to the Community Service Fund of Macgregor Lions

    Note: Every dollar donated (i.e 100% of the money raised) is used for funding Projects i.e there is no deduction for administration.

    To make a donation:
    Either (a) Please send a cheque to:
    Macgregor Lions Secretary
    Lions Club of Macgregor
    PO Box 6100
    Upper Mt Gravatt
    Qld 4122. Australia.

    Or (b) Email the Secretary : - Macgregor.Lions.Secretary@gmail.com (see Our Contact Details) for details of bank transfer.

    More details: https://brisbanemacgregor.qld.lions.org.au/Contact%20us

District sponsors

  • None. No existing sponsors could be found.

National sponsors