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Lions Club of Brisbane MacGregor

District 201Q1, Queensland, Australia


Our motto is "We Serve". Service

Browse through the following pages to get an understanding of what we do. If you are interested in doing the same things to serve the community, and have fun doing so, come and join us.


(a) Youth Services

Annually the Club runs a Youth of the Year competition with entrants from local schools. Judging in on the basis of private interviews plus public speaking consisting of answers to two impromptu questions and a prepared speech.


The above photograph shows contestants from Loretta College and Macgregor High who participated in the club Youth of the Year 2016 which was held at the Newnham Hotel and Function room Mt Gravatt.

Winners proceed to the next level of competition which is a Zone Final, followed by Region, District, State and National Finals.

(b) Health                                 

                                                  HEALTH EDUCATION CORNER:                                            
                                                              by Lion Pat Allport

POLIO - view                                                  CORONARY ANGIOGRAM - view

AUTISM - view                                              CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME - view

ECZEMA - view                                             IMPORTANCE of WATER  - view

CELLULITIS - view                                         HAEMOCHROMATOSIS - view

CATARACTS Part 1 - view                             CATARACTS Part 2 - view

FEMALE HEART ATTACKS - view                OVARIAN CANCER - view

VASCULAR DEMENTIA - view                       COELIAC DISEASE - view

MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY - view                   MOTOR NEURONE DISEASE - view



(c) Citizenship

One of the aims of Lions is to promote the principles of good citizenship.

It is with that aim in mind that on Australia Day every year Lions Clubs organize a ceremony at which prospective New Citizens make their Pledge of Commitment as a final step in becoming Australian Citizens.

On Australia Day 2010 the Ceremony was held in association with the Brisbane City Council in a novel, never-to-be-repeated, location: the entrance to the Clem7 tunnel which was in its final stages of construction.
Lord Mayor Campbell Newman was the Presiding Officer of the Ceremony.




(d) Environment

Each year Macgregor Lions participates in the cleanup Australia program and other environment programs.





                           Cleanup Australia                                                                      Caring for the enviroment

(e) Other - Community organizations

As a service to the Community Macgregor Lions runs barbecues for various community organizations.

Click the link to view to view a project - view fundraising BBQ's                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Macgregor Lions also assist community organizations in caring for the environment .  view caring for the bush 

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