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Lions Club of Brisbane MacGregor

District 201Q1, Queensland, Australia

About Us and Our Activities

OUR MISSION: To empower volunteers to

Our motto is "We Serve" and we welcome interest from any like-minded persons. What we do is summarised in the Projects page. If you would like to join us as a member please send us your expression of interest.


The Lions Club of Brisbane MacGregor Inc (MacGregor Lions) was chartered on 11 November 1971 within Lions Club International. 

We have a management committee (Board of Directors) which is elected every year in accordance with our Constitution.

Membership is open to all members of good standing in the Community. At  21st February 2016 the Club had 65 members. (19 women and 46 men).


Our activities may be broadly grouped in the following categories:

(a) Community Service

(b) Fund Raising

(c) Social


(d) Meetings (see below)


(i) Dinner Meetings

In addition to getting together on Projects the Club members meet over dinner:

Dinner meetings provide members with an opportunity to meet socially, hear reports on what has been happenning on Projects and plan future activities. On most dinner nights there is also a Guest Speaker on topics of general interest.

(ii) Board Meetings

The Board of Directors meets on the Fouth Wednesday of the month to fulfill its functions comprising the determination of policy, the authorisation of expenditure and the engagement in any operation within the objects of the constitution.

(iii) Committee Meetings
Committee members meet as and when required to plan and organise Projects and other activities. Such meetings may take place prior to dinner meetings.

(iv) Conventions District

Multiple District






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